Our service to you is simple. We create, design and provide you with the most up-to-date games to suit the current specifications for educational subjects. 

Your service to your students by playing the ANY SELAH game is:

  • Allowing them to have fun 
  • Enabling students to assess their learning 
  • Encouraging students to teach each other 
  • ensuring kinaesthetic learning 
  • providing interactive revision materials 
Your service to yourselves as teachers: 
  • Allowing students to take responsibility for their own learning 
  • Providing assessment for learning opportunities
  • Creating an environment for differentiation for learning 
  • Opening paths for student scaffolding

Click here to see how playing the Selah Revision Game meets OFSTED criteria.

'Games are great teachers because they provide a physical aspect to the new * vocabulary your child is learning'.  

A quote from Robert Kiyosaki's famous book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.                   * = financial