Playing the Selah board and online game in lessons helps teachers achieve Level 1 OFSTED Grading in the following ways:

  • it enables teachers to teach lessons that invariably capture the interest of learners, are inclusive of all learners, and feature debate between learners and between learners and the teacher; 

  • the Selah game enables teachers to have a rapport with learners – high-quality dialogue and questioning, guiding learning, with attention to individuals and groups;

  • the Selah game allows for teachers to monitor learners' progress to evaluate quickly how well the students are learning so that they can change the approach during the lesson if necessary, and provide detailed feedback about areas or topics where students have misunderstood and the teachers can then target learning gaps in individual learners to ensure further progress and understanding; 

  • it allows teachers to demonstrate the ability to apply their own depth of subject knowledge to support learners in acquiring understanding and skills, often showing understanding through application of a range of different approaches such as students teaching each other, teacher-led revision and students debating to ensure that all learners make the expected progress; 

  • the teacher can demonstrate flexibility and adaptability by changing the pace, approach and teaching method in the lesson in response to what learners say and do during the Selah game activity; 

  • playing this game allows the teacher to take risks when trying to make teaching interesting, and they are able to deal with the unexpected and 'seize the moment', fortunately there is the Selah key terms definition booklet/button, which is the teacher's saving grace if there are any words or key phrases that he/she has forgotten; 

  • it gives teachers the opportunity to inspire and communicate their enthusiasm to learners, to demonstrate their intrinsic passion for learning and to show off their innovative and creative thinking.