About Selah

Selah brings you the teacher's ideal resource for classroom revision.

Available in a variety of secondary school subjects, Selah provides both the interactive online game and the physical board game for a variety of subject curriculums. Our team of teachers discovered after years of teaching that the best type of learning occurs in action.

Selah has provided the ideal platform for this. Whilst playing the game as a starter, a plenary, for the whole lesson or for revision, students are constantly learning and assessing their own level of learning.

What exactly are they? 
Selah games are an infectious word based board game where teams of unlimited number can battle it out to give the correct definition of key terms within each subject.

Selah brings learning to life! The most unique element of this game is how students learn through their laughter which lead us to our motto.

We are currently assessing demand from teachers to run a student inter-school competition for A-level Psychology.  Please click here to register your.